Monday, December 28, 2009

Study Hacks on Coe Campus: An Introduction

This upcoming semester on Coe's campus, a new, different kind of study group will be coming together: Coe College Study Hacks.

Study Hacks explores strategies for building a extraordinary life — one that’s accomplished and engaging, but also relaxed and enjoyable to live. It rejects the idea that extreme success and extreme stress are inextricably connected. We seek to get away from the idea that every good student has to be a grind, working until 1 in the library every weekday night. We seek, instead, examples of people who love their life while simultaneously being well-respected (and well-rewarded) for what they do.

There is plenty to be accomplished outside of the classroom, as every Coe student who's ever been awake on a Friday night knows. The idea of Study Hacks is to study better--not necessarily longer!

Is doing things the way you've always done beginning to wear you down without giving you the results you want? Think your system has a few clinks and want to get involved in something that might help? Didn't get that great of grades last semester? Come join us!